Palm Sunday Service 
11:00 a.m. (Children arrive at 10:50)
“The Mystagog Sermon Series: Transforming Us and Our World”

This special service will explore how our personal journeys of faith lead to a collective calling to positively impact the world around us, inspired by the principles of God’s kingdom. As our children wave palms to commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, we are reminded of the hope and empowerment we have to enact change in our communities, mirroring God’s love and vision for humanity.

All children are invited to walk in our palm branch procession to begin this special service. Please arrive no later than 10:50am to join the line. After the procession Kinder-5th will join their families in worship and younger kids will return to the nursery.

Palm Sunday Picnic and Easter Egg Hunt
12:15 pm

Join us for a fun afternoon of food, fellowship, and egg hunting! The afternoon will feature inflatables, craft stations, a picture booth to capture the joy of the day, and hamburgers and hot dogs for all!

Stations of the Cross
12-8:00 pm, Sanctuary

This come-and-go experience invites you to walk through the path of Jesus’ passion at your own rhythm. Amidst the quiet reverence of our sacred space, find a moment of peace and contemplation as you move from station to station. Whether you seek a few minutes of solace or an extended period of meditation, this time is for you.

Maundy Thursday
6:30pm, Covenant Hall

A unique worship service that promises an intimate and interactive experience.  As we gather together at round tables, we will immerse ourselves in the poignant scriptures of the Last Supper. Through reading, sharing, and engaging with the scripture together, we’ll explore the deep meanings and connections of this sacred night.

Good Friday Worship
6:30 pm, Sanctuary

This moving service, held at the heart of Holy Week to commemorate the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, will be stripped of its usual adornments to reflect the gravity of the day. With the cross veiled, we invite you to experience the depth of Christ’s sacrifice through silent reflection, scripture readings, and the poignant narrative of His journey to the cross. This day reminds us of the immense love and sacrifice of Jesus, calling us to reflect, repent, and prepare our hearts for the hope of resurrection.

Easter Sunday
8:30 & 11:00 am
“The Mystagog Sermon Series: Embracing the 4th Day”

Celebrate Easter Sunday with us and embrace the message of “Embracing the Fourth Day,” a reminder that our journey with faith extends beyond the 3rd day when Jesus rose from the grave, into every aspect of our lives. Discover how living out our faith daily can transform us and those around us, reflecting Christ’s teachings through our actions and words. Join us for an uplifting service that encourages continuous growth, community involvement, and being a beacon of light in the world, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.