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We are more than just childcare at HCKaty.
We believe that children are a precious gift from God, to be honored and loved. Our teachers and dedicated partners in ministry work in the lives of children from birth through fifth grade.


If you are a member wanting to get involved or just would like more information, click below to connect with all that is happening in our children’s ministry 

Our creative and fun filled curriculum combined with our FUNdamental teachings of God’s word make for the most wonderful Sunday mornings together! We can’t wait to see you on Sunday 9:30-10:45am! 

HC Katy Elementary Kids  are now attending the 11:00 worship service!!

HC Katy Kids have their Christian Education and small group fellowship time concurrently with the adult ministries on Sunday mornings  so we can all be in Fellowship together at 11.

Families will have the option to sit together OR our Kinder-5th graders can come sit in the balcony with Ms. Kalin or other HC Katy Kid Ministry Team partners! We will have a more in depth and sermon specific worship kit and activities to keep the kiddos engaged in worship. Research shows that what helps faith STICK within children is their active presence in multigenerational worship (or as so many would call “Big Church”). By showing our kids that they are wanted and encouraged to be IN church gives them a sense of ownership and comfort in their faith that is truly priceless! I am so overjoyed to be welcoming our HC Katy Kids back into worship with their HC Katy Family!!

In-Person Worship Activities


Children’s Worship is now back in person!  This age appropriate worship is held in Rooms E106, E203-E205 in the Education building every Sunday from 9:30am-10:45am.  Our relationship based curriculum strives to combine the lessons learned at church with continued growth at home to create a deeper faith within our elementary aged HC Katy Kids and to teach them how fully complete the love of Christ is and will always be.

Nursery:  Our nursery is open and ready for babies ages birth to 2 years old every Sunday during the adult fellowship times and worship service in room E107 of the Education building.

Wiggle Worship:  We now have Wiggle Worship back in-person every Sunday in room E109 in the Education Building.  Our fully trained staff lead our pre-k kids in play based faith learning that is perfect for toddlers through 5 year olds.

Christian Education:  Our HC Katy Kids now have their bible study time concurrently with adult services so they can fellowship with the congregation at the 11:00 service.  This happens during the in-person HC Katy Kids fellowship and study time!

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